Lost DAB logos after downgrade

Hi all, I recently upgraded to 3.4.22110, everything went great and i had DAB logos. I downgraded to 3.4.19101 to get the screen dimming control back, it went fine but now DAB logos are gone. Is there a easier way to get these back without advanced flashing which im not keen on doing? Thanks

SYNC Region: Europe

Navigation Variant: Yes

Install Type: Stock (Original Unit)

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.22110

New SYNC Version: 3.4.19101

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version:

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: Yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

Branch: Stable
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (2009)

Version: 3.4.22110
Region: EU
Navigation: True
Install Mode: Auto-Detect (autoinstall)
Install Mode Overridden: False
My20 Protection Enabled: Auto-Detect

Mode: Drive
Model: KINGSTON  SA400S37120G SCSI Disk Device
Size: 111.8GB
FileSystem: exFAT
Partition Type: MBR

; CyanLabs Syn3Updater Stable - Autoinstall Mode - Sync 3.4.19101 EU

Item1 = ENH_DAB - 1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ
Open1 = SyncMyRide\1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ
Item2 = GRACENOTES - 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz
Open2 = SyncMyRide\4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz
Item3 = APPS - 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ
Open3 = SyncMyRide\5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ
Item4 = VOICE - 5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ
Open4 = SyncMyRide\5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ
Options = AutoInstall

1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ (61.8MB)
4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz (709.2MB)
5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ (891.2MB)
5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ (1.5GB)

[31/08/2022 20:49:09] Selected Region: EU - Release: Sync 3.4.19101 - Map Version: Keep Existing Maps 
[31/08/2022 20:49:09] Install Mode: Auto-Detect (autoinstall) Forced: False 
[31/08/2022 20:49:09] MY20 Protection: Auto-Detect 
[31/08/2022 20:49:09] Formatting USB drive
[31/08/2022 20:49:09] Re-creating partition table as MBR and formatting as ExFat on selected USB drive
[31/08/2022 20:49:18] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:18] Validated: 1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[31/08/2022 20:49:18] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz 
[31/08/2022 20:49:22] Validated: 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz (Skipping Download) 
[31/08/2022 20:49:22] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:26] Validated: 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[31/08/2022 20:49:26] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:34] Validated: 5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[31/08/2022 20:49:34] Preparing USB drive
[31/08/2022 20:49:34] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:34] Copying: 1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:34] Validating: 1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:35] Copied: 1U5T-14G658-AD_1544799507000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:35] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz 
[31/08/2022 20:49:35] Copying: 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz 
[31/08/2022 20:49:41] Validating: 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz 
[31/08/2022 20:49:45] Copied: 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz 
[31/08/2022 20:49:45] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:45] Copying: 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:53] Validating: 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:57] Copied: 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:57] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:49:57] Copying: 5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:50:28] Validating: 5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:50:34] Copied: 5U5T-14G391-AK_1571068712000.TAR.GZ 
[31/08/2022 20:50:34] Generating Autoinstall.lst

Have you done a master reset?

Yes I sure did as soon as the upgrade/downgrade finished

The Sync app and related files are released as sets. You need to load the appropriate logo file for the Sync version, just as you would the appropriate voice file. Of course, this means your logos will likely be out of date.

You should load the appropriate file set: (Corrected)
Sync App
Sync Voice
DAB Logos

Hi, thanks. Sorry this is new to me, I’m not sure I follow. I used the sync3updater app and selected my current version I was in after the initial upgrade, then the target lower version. It then gathered the files for me. Would this not gather the appropriate files for me or is this manual? Thanks

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I listed the 4" Sync above but corrected that. I looked at the log file again, and see it did gather the proper files for the downgrade, but…I would install the later 1U5T-14G658-AE file. The -AD version was from 2017 (Sync 3.0).

This is the autoinstall file contents.

Item1 = ENH_DAB - 1U5T-14G658-AE_1553188025000.TAR.GZ
Open1 = SyncMyRide\1U5T-14G658-AE_1553188025000.TAR.GZ
Options = AutoInstall

autoinstall.lst (158 Bytes)

Download the DAB Logo file and place it in the SyncMyRide folder on the USB.
Place the autoinstall.lst file in the root of the USB.
Insert USB in port in vehicle, ignition on. Remove any other USB’s or phones from the USB ports.

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Magic thanks very much, I’ll give that a whirl :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, unfortunately it didn’t seem to make any difference, after a master reset the logos are still absent

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