Map Update Sync 3.3 Version 19052

Hello all, today I tried to update my maps version NA 19 to the new NA 20 version with only the map update with no reformat. It went through the hole process and rebooted but noticed the map version never change. So my question is do you have to preform a reformat as I’m currently like i said version 3.3 and would like to stay with it for a little longer. Is NA 20 compatible with version 3.3 19052. Any help would be appreciated, by the way also tried to update a 2020 ford edge with version 3.4 and something so I must be doing something wrong.

Thank you

Ensure you are using the Ci version of the updater app. If your vehicle is pre MY20 then just use the reformat method. It’s faster and cleaner than AutoInstall.

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will try that.

Thank you

@avdonr is right, takes 28 minutes and cleans out the system. You can later update directly to 3.4 if you like.