Maps F9 on Focus 2021

HI, I have my new Focus since September 2020. Model seems to be 2021. I want to update the maps to F9 but when I do error PKG_ERR03 pops up after a while.
Sync has been updated to 3.4.20196 easily using autoinstall.

How can I get maps F9 installed or is it impossible at this moment due to the model 2021?

Syn3 Updater produces a log for a reason, post it or this thread will be closed.


Nothing is wrong in that log, however I can see you are using a card reader and a sd card, these are known to not work, get a decent USB drive and try again. SD Card readers have power management

I’ve tried before with a usb stick (Sandisk) but the same result. Using autoinstall method.
I will give it another try.

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