Missing Notes when selecting SYNC version to update

Hi Guys,

I have switched back to the release branch of Syn3 Updater as recommended after trying out the CI version and I’ve just noticed that the notes that normally pop up next to the SYNC version to indicate what changes are included are no longer appearing.

Is this just a problem at my end or has anyone else noticed this behavior?

prior to switching back to “release” I was about to use it to update the maps on my 2020 Focus MK4 but then spotted that Ford had finally released the official F10 map update for my vehicle, so I went for that instead.

I’m still on 3.4.21020 but considering an update to 21098 but wanted to get an idea of what improvements/potential pitfalls there are first.


It’s a known issue, it happens when you activate MY20 Protection.
It will be solved in an oncoming version.


Cheers for that.

I look forward to the release of the update. Are there any known reported bugs with 21098 so far, do you know?

In addition to what @SaNdMaN said you can also see currently Syn3Updater issues here Issues · CyanLabs/Syn3Updater · GitHub and also report your own should something be not already known :slight_smile:

No real issues. Mostly just a bug fix release.

Thank you all for your replies to my question and I really appreciate your efforts to bring the SYNC improvements to us all. I will be happy to bring any issues to your attention should they arise.

Great work as always, guys.

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