Modalita automatico giorno e notte

buongiorno a tutti i
il mio sync aggiornato al 3.4 19274 funziona tutto tranne la modalita’ automatico giorno e notte. e capitato anche a voi? come avete risolto? e inoltre non ho piu il tsto clima touch del clima… grazie in anticipo

Please translate to English before posting

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good morning to all
my sync updated to 3.4 19274 everything works except the automatic day and night mode. Has it happened to you too? how did you solve? and also I no longer have the climate touch climate … thanks in advance

Have you performed a Master Reset?
Hai eseguito un ripristino totale?

yes I did the reset but nothing changes

If you are trying to adjust the brightness, it can only be adjusted in night mode. In auto and day mode brightness is disabled.

What is the vehicle make and year?

l’auto e car and a 2020 ecosport before it was a 3.3 and it worked day and night in auto mode
now I have 3.4 19274 even if I put automatic it always stays night even during the day

Try this from the FAQ here on this site:

If you are having issues with the screen being extremely dark, in Forscan set Illumination strategy to FoE APIM As-Built 7D0-01-01: xBxx-xxxx-xxxx

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i tried APIM As-Built 7D0-01-01: xBxx-xxxx-xxxx but nothing has changed

fixed the problem of the automatic day night instead of the APIM As-Built 7D0-01-01: xBxx-xxxx-xxxx put the APIM As-Built 7D0-01-01: xAxx-xxxx-xxxx and I solved everything

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Excellent, thanks for responding.

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thank you for pointing me to that string and thank you for being a part of it