Moving off ford's logo

I did the update from Sync 3.0 to Sync 3.4; Everything works but when i turn on and turn off the car, the ford’s logo on screen is moved down. I attach one photo. Can i fix it?
Thanks for response.

This is not Sync 4, thread moved.

Ok, where is the post? Thanks

That looks like a 10" display boot screen…probably because you were running the GT Blue theme before you upgraded, or another modified theme other than the stock default theme. In any case, Resetting the boot screen will fix it.
Or a Master Reset?

Yes, before the upgrade, I changed the theme from ford to st ford performance by forscan. So, what do I do for reset the boot screen?
P. S. I have a 8" display

Just reset the theme/boot screen for the values for Sync 3.4. Change back to Ford default, then to ST Performance. That should solve the issue.

The themes and boot screens are located in the APIM Database

Ok, I’ll try to fix it.