MY 20 APIM ( Nav ) unrecognized by Forscan

Hello, Bear with me as this my first post ever on a forum. Retrofitting this combo Screen ID: KL3T-18B955-SA Module ID: LL3T-14G370-MCH into 2017 F350 8" non-nav. Understand now that this was probably bad choice. It isnt seen by Forscan v 2.3.51 with ELM 327 adapter. At key on ,screen seems to just be kindof backlit and dark. However, once while in vehicle , screen came on by itself and seemed to respond normally and showed on Version 3.4.19274. Tried to connect to it while it was on but still nothing . Came on by itself another occasion but after a key cycle would not come back on and still not seen by Forscan. Frustrated , I removed Screen/ Apim combo from my 2019 F250 purchased new and known to be original ( Manufactured 11/2018)and all works perfectly. Does this mean the MY 20 Apim is defective or is more info necessary to determine. Ebay scrapper/seller has offered a return but I want to be fair to them that it’s not just me and the mismatch.

If you have not done so you need to delete the profile for your vehicle in Forscan after you add the new APIM. You should than see any module additions after it rescans.

I doubt your L series APIM is bad it is more than likely just AsBuilt settings that need to be corrected with forscan.

Thanks for the quick reply ! This is new to me vehicle and I’d never saved a profile for it as I knew would be adding a thing or 2 to it early on . I really don’t understand this business of it just booting up or whatever when it just decides to , with no input from me ( of course while key on ). Also, while this ebay seller has 100% rating , I did discover later that this combo is from a flood damaged vehicle , whatever degree that was and assuming google is telling the truth. Here now, while not connected to vehicle , I show no saved profile for that truck in Forscan folder , so pretty sure one was never saved. Also, installed apim combo into the 2019 F250 and it only slightly glows in it as well, however saved profiles could be the problem there. The fact that it can work is why I approached you guys and unless there is some way to get it to try to boot while some kind of usb is inserted or something, i’m not understanding how to modify the asbuilt settings.

Which model do you have installed now?.

Apologize that this is probably confusing, but currently have known, good , original Apim combo from my 2019 250 in 2017 and is operating as if factory. Recently acquired MY 20 apim combo ( if that designation appropriate ) resides in the 2019 , which I just happen not to have driven much at all since this began. It probably doesn’t matter much to me where either is ultimately used. Also , it occurs to me , fwiw , I updated 2019 apim probably a couple years with CyanLabs updater to v3.4.21098 and has been great.
Thanks for looking at this !

If I were you, I would return it and try getting a not MY20.
Not because of incompatibilities, but because MY20 have some limitations.

Curious what you are trying to gain by going to a MY20 APIM. You really will not gain much by going to a MY20 APIM in this case. If fact it will make things more difficult.

I have a 2018 Expedition and I upgraded my APIM to an L series like you are doing. I did gain a few things but upgrading it is more difficult. I had to spoof it to get the NAV to upgrade and also had to use the donor VIN to get the accurate SYNC upgrade for it. I was able to use my original screen with it so I know that can work fine with an L series APIM.

I really think the old AB settings on the APIM are what’s causing you the problems. What I am not sure about is why Forscan is not seeing the APIM.

In actuality, I really wasn’t going for a MY20. It was advertised as a 2019-2020 and I was not aware of the significant changes for 2020 nor did I really have any understanding of the part numbers till began investigating here. Seems my research sometimes isn’t quite as thorough as it should be before deciding to pull the trigger on certain of my projects. Making this work is likely above my pay-grade as they say and I believe I will take the moderator’s advice and accept seller’s offer of return. Thank you both for your replies and the interesting reading provided on this forum.

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