NAV finds wrong position for address in Chicago (~1 mile off)


I have issues with my navigation system: if I enter (for example) 1419 W Taylor St, Chicago, the navigation system would bring me to an address far more west on Taylor Street in Chicago (estimated 1 mile more west, but not sure - I never measured it)
I am not sure, if it is also off in north-south direction (never experienced this), but in east-west, it was not the first time to be off for an address xxx W yyy Street

The location of the car is always shown correct on the map. It also happened to me in the suburbs (for an address with “West Street”)

I did update software and maps with the cyanlabs (use the tool, prepare USB stick, do the update with format of Sync unit)

2017 Mustang Ecoboost Coupe
Sync 3 3.4.19205
maps: NA 1 19

Any one of you an idea for this?

Thank you!

Check and fix it on HERE map creator if wrong.

It’s happening for multiple addresses ? That’s more of a map data issue it appears vs a “Sync” issue. Given that the physical location of your car is good, GPS is good.

it happens for multiple addresses, but I experienced it up to now only with streets in West-direction (north-Streets are fine)
this didn’t happen before - I am not sure, if it is only since I updated to NA 1 19

This is actually quite common for cities with east vs west street addresses. Like @hallstevenson suggested, this is a map issue, not a Sync issue. Unfortunately, it’s up to the map folks…

EDIT: By the way… - in the NAV route preferences, turn off shortest route. Just choose one of the other options, but not that. Sync will give you up to 3 different routes to choose from with that turned off. Well, it worked on mine anyways…

I noticed that the address is in the city (big buildings). When you enter the destination address, are you also in the city or open area with clear sky (no tall buildings)? Does the NAV show your position reliably?

Have you performed a master reset of the system since you upgraded?
Also, are you using CP or AA when this happens?

I thought that Sync does not use HERE mapping…

thank you so much already for all your answers.

  • I am not using shortest route, usually economy route
  • the NAV shows my position reliably all the time. I am not sure, if it happens also, when I look up an address while being out of the city, I will try to figure this out.
  • I did perform a master reset already, it still happens.
  • I am not using CarPlay or AndroidAuto when this happens

I am not sure, how these maps work exactly, it seems to me the 0-point (if there is something like a zero-point in the maps) is off by a bit…
I will try to figure out more what the reason is

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