No navi,voice or wifi Help needed plz

I had a problem on tachometer was showing 9999yds till the next turn ,after help from another forum to change from motorola to intel format everthing worked fine until 2 days later ,so navi maps showing loading and nothing comes,no voice recinition,and wifi constantly searching and finds no wifi,and on the software info ,it show no versions checkout fotos,would be nice if someone could help me fix this problem or will the upgrade to 3.4 fix all this?

Since you performed actions based on directions from other forum that are unknown to us, have you asked them?, this issue seems a derivate of those actions.
Also, from the 1st screenshot you sent, there’s no versions or build shown there, so something is off, for sure.

You can always try to reinstall everything, but I’m not sure what version you were on before. And also depending on which changes you made in the past, some may “live after” the reinstall process.

here i was at the last update before all this happened

I guess you are having some data missmatch in some of your modules.
For sure something inside the APIM settings, i would use the “load factory AB” inside Forscan and write all.
As long as the configuration (asbuilt data) is not correct an update to 3.4 will not help at all.

Please check all the changes that you have done to your car.

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