Only Update Maps

Hi, I am new here and used Syn3 Updater to remove Gracenotes and update the Sync3 of my Focus MY20 EU to 3.4.21098 keeping existing Maps (F9)

Everything worked flawlessly

Next, I want to update the Maps to F10 separately using “Only Update Maps”.

Will it also work as expected creating a USB Drive and inserting it into my car’s USB? Or I need to be aware of something?

Thanks in advance!

You should activate my20 protection in Syn3Updater just to be safe , but it’s possible to update only maps that way.

By activating that feature, well, enables some protection to avoid issues.

Process of autoinstalling maps is quite title consuming, so make sure to leave the engine running in an open space…

Clear, I already have MY20 protection active, thanks

Just a last question: I live in Greece and my car displays only map of Greece.

That means that I install the EU region map but my car auto-selects the country of the car’s origin?

Is the car imported?
Run the interrogator log to check the amount of storage the APIM has, just to be safe.
EU APIMs are 64GB.


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