Pandora stopped Appearing

I have Sync 3.4 21194, and performed master reset. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Pandora, and it never appears.

I believe it has to be open on the phone. Sync has changed the way that AppLink works, so a lot of things no longer show up there, but work from the phone.

Yeah the app is open on the phone, and still doesn’t show up.

I noticed Pandora’s not showing up in my C-Max either lately regardless whether it is open on the phone or not. iHeartRadio is still there and works (even if the app is closed) but Pandora has disappeared from the apps list. Ironically FordPass still shows up in the app list despite it being rumored that Ford is abandoning the Applink functionality altogether…

I’m closing the thread since we didn’t hear back from you in over a month, so I’m assuming everything got cleared up.