PKG_ERR04 when reupdating

Hi there.
Thanks you for that comfortable software!

I did a mistake and made an update to the latest version but without maps. I thought this way I would only update the sync software. But now my navigation stopped to work.

And when I try to reupdate with maps I get the error PKG_ERR04 …
Any chance to fix this?

Use the downgrade option in FordSyncDownloader, once done check you are on 19101 and then repeat the initial process selecting maps this time.

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What exact do I have to enable and disable? Can you send me a screenshot with all settings?

Downgrading worked! There was just a small info on the top “updating software” - and this didn´t disappear. At the same time the USB-stick felt into sleep mode. It looked like the update was frozen. So i´ve powered off the car. And after restarting the car, i got the message that updating was successfully … very strange! I´ve checked the version and it is 19101.
Now, im updating back to the latest version WITH MAPS … and the update process started without any issues… now - after 50 minutes every thing works fine! Thank you all for helping!

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I have the same problem (installed without maps) and made a downgrade to 19101. What is the correct Installmode if i want to make a upgrade to 20282 again? reformat or downgrade?
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Don’t take it the wrong way, please.
But why do you want to force something you do not know? (hence asking about it)
Let the app decide, it will select the required and optimal method for your particular situation/configuration.
Just make sure the app is configured correctly (versions and maps)

I try with downgrade lite, but error MEM_ERR03, after I try with the downgrade with USB make with the tools, like this, but after 1 min I have Error MEM_ERR01 :roll_eyes:.

This situation is the end of a lot of try to install F10 maps (no good error during the installation) and after 21020 (error other time)

I think hava my sync3 full of file of the broken installations. What do you think about? I have one solution?

I try install interrogator, but after 30 or 40 minut my car power off ant the instalation was aborted. :roll_eyes:

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