Prompt/Voice volume not retained if set above 19

I just upgraded from Sync 2 to Sync 3 (Non-Nav running 3.4.21265). I’m running into an issue where prompt volume and voice volume seem to not save if being set to above ~19 volume. I’ve taken a video of what I’m seeing. Is this expected behavior?

Sounds like you have a MyKey volume restriction in place.

What is a MyKey Admin Key? (

When I start my car and go to the my key configuration with both my keys. Both seem to indicate that there is no mykey configuration.

Seems like I don’t have any keys created.

I don’t have any problem with normal volume being saved. Just prompt and voice, and only if I go above ~18.

Don’t have a way to validate if this is how all sync 3 systems behave.

It’s not a MyKey issue then, but good you verified that. It may just be that about 18 is the maximum volume for the prompts. I have not seen any information on this before, but will do some research.

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