Question about official update of Sync after Upgrade

Official Sync update can be get from via validating VIN.

Just wondering if someone knows the official site provide updates depends on car type or just sync version?

Such as now I’m on 3.0, I can get 3.0 update from official site. If I upgrade my Sync3 to 3.4, will official site provides 3.4 for me, or just always 3.0(assuming there is a new official release)?

If someone that have upgraded from 3.0 to 3.4 go to official site for a check and have a answer, that will be great, thanks!

I’ve updated my SYNC from 3.0 to 3.4. The website still shows that it thinks I am on 3.0 and therefore does not provide any updates. Usually after you perform an upgrade there is a log file that is generated back onto your USB stick that Ford wants you to upload back to them to confirm an upgrade was done. Not sure if anyone has done this with their 3.4 system after they upgraded but I would caution against uploading that log file to Ford’s servers. It might break something in their back end.

All of my remote functionality within my apps on my phone still works as well after the upgrade.

For now I am perfectly happy with just manually updating the system via the provided downloader on this site which works very well.

Some people with hotspot capable units have reported Ford now showing they have 3.4, that said i wouldn’t recommend uploading the 3.4 log file (it can be generated with a certain package) atleast not until 3.4 is “released”

thanks for confirm, that shows the server maybe will provide software depends on Sync version rather than car type.

want to have a try on 3.4, it’s sad that now can’t find 119 map for 3.0(JR3T), looks like the new map is only for 3.2/3.4(1U5T/4U5T)

New maps for 3.0 were released recently

thanks for the information! maybe I should wait for page’s update to get a link

They are already there

JR3T-14G421-AE (CN)
JR3T-14G421-BF (EU.1.19)
JR3T-14G421-CE (NA 1.19)

For EU you can use

JR3T-14G421-AE (CN) :x:
JR3T-14G421-BF (EU.1.19) :heavy_check_mark:
JR3T-14G421-CE (NA 1.19) :heavy_check_mark:

Maybe there just something missed from page?

I try to guess the direct link:
Just get BlobNotFound error.

It looks like the URL is wrong as you say - are you looking for Chinese maps?

@CyanLabs looks like theres a broken URL in the ivsu database, correct link is:

@Louage thanks for your link! that’s nice.

maybe should add data above into ivsu database.

and one more question: if want to update map on 3.0, an autoinstall list contain JR3T-14G421 is fine, or must also have JR3T-14G424(map licence for 119)? or I can’t just only update map, need update map with app?

p.s. if there is nav_voice and license suitable for map 119, it will be great to see them in ivsu database.

It’t not something i see much point in it’s hard enough to maintain lists of 3.2+, 3.2+ is much more responsive and therefore i won’t be maintaining a list of 3.0 my self.