Question on Rolling Back Back

I recently updated via auto update to 3.4.21098. It also installed Map Version 2.20. Now my Sirius Traffic only works sporadically. I’m thinking about rolling back to 20351. Will this also roll back the maps, or will it work with the latest maps? Sirius traffic is not that big of a deal to me and I’d rather have the latest maps, hence the question. I have a 2019 F150

Update to 21194, use Syn3 Updater and set “keep existing maps”

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As said before, try the latest build to see if your issue gets solved. You do not need to install maps again if you already have them.

Does 21194 solve the issue with Sirius Traffic App?

I’m not in the US but yes i believe so.

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Great! This will give me something to do tomorrow. Thanks !

Yes it does…! Sirius Travel Link and SiriusXM is fixed in 21194.

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