Reformat Tool link broken

I tried multiple times to access the reformat tool link from Dropbox here’s what it says

If anyone can provide a new link or point me in the right direction, I would appreciate that! I tried automated and manual method and both seem broken.
Thanks guys:)

For legal reasons no other link will be provided. however try searching for the filename which is 1U5T-14G386-CB

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I am also trying the manual method. I am able to dl the reformat tool but I am unable to dl the tar.gz files that generate after you select the desired sync version…

All files except the dropbox file are directly from ford servers.

oohhh does that mean I have to put my vin in the box that says “optional license key”???

No, it means ford have just patched public link access… whether this is intentional or not i don’t know

dang. how do I proceed?

find the files elsewhere, this may mean the end of Syn3 Updater

wow, that sucks. all I really wanted was updated gracenotes. I just updated sync to SYNC3 v3.0.20204 which is the latest my 2019 escape supports, but it didnt update the gracenote version…

I’m having a hard time finding the required files. even a gracenote updated files is hard to come by

Fords access is likely a mistake, maybe related to security audits accidentally patching something that is needed, try again later.


so I was able to frankenstein rig a 3.4 update together from some files I found in an f150 forum. The update worked! however, tbh I like my ford escape 3.0.x appearance way better. Any way I can downgrade back? I reversed my steps to put the 3.0.x oem update together biut when I try and run it it says the version being installed (3.0.x) is not compatible with the current one (3.4.x)… I’m about to lose my sh*it =(

No as clearly mentioned everywhere. Use 3.3 instead

@bdruben hey, it seems Ford solved the issue.
Try again now.

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