Reformat tool

please reformat tool link for downloading , the link which I found in topic was broken

And what link or topic are your referring to?

I search the community for the tool, please be patient and guide me , please
My sync was 3.4 22251 with NA navi I’am trying to reformat to 3.3 19052 to update to RWO maps for middle east region , I have changed the APIM and ACM conf.following the tutorial I found in cyanlabs

Thank you.

Hey @CyanLabs , can you check what’s been reported?.

sorry I don’t get it

Its reporting a 404 error, so its not the reformat tool its the webpage thats broken.

yes what can I do

Nothing, just wait until we get a feedback


This link is ancient, you can get the reformat tool from our ivsu db…

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Thanks, that’s why I asked him about the thread he mentions, but he never gave us that.

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Thanks alot I hope this solve my issue

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