Hello everyone, when I bought the vehicle I saw that it did not have the navigation activated and the parking assistant could not be used either. I took it for warranty and sure enough they activated and parking assistant and on the SYNC screen, a grid that said NAVIGATION FAILURE, FORD could never fix the problem so I decided to do it on my own.
in the first attempt it threw an error and a red screen and after several attempts and software downloads it could not solve the problem. then I decided with version 3.4.19101 and the error appeared again but I was able to identify it and it was about a VOICE_NAV PACK: 4U5T-14G421-DG 3.2.20339, it was removed from the update and it finally worked. the problem i have now is that although the fm radio, maps, and all the other apps are working, it keeps restarting. I wanted to know if you have any solution for this problem. thank you

SYNC Region: ANZ

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.20136

New SYNC Version: 3.4.19101

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Manual Method


Sistema operativo estable: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language (2009)

Versión: 3.4.20136
Región: ANZ
Navegación: Verdadero
Modo de instalación: Detección automática (degradación)
Modo de instalación anulado: Falso
Protección My20 habilitada: Desactivado

Modelo de unidad: SanDisk Ultra Fit USB
Tamaño del dispositivo: 14,3 GB Sistema de archivos
: exFAT
Tipo de partición: MBR

Reformat.lst Voice = 5u5t
-14g391-dh_1563811775000.tar.gz gracenotes
= 4u5t-14g423-da_123696.tar.gz
apps = 5u5t-4g381-op_15555585337000.tar.gz voice_nav
= 4u5t -14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ

; CyanLabs Syn3Updater Estable - Modo degradado - Sincronización 3.4.19101 ANZ

= HERRAMIENTA - GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
Open1 = SyncMyRide\GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
Item2 = APLICACIÓN - 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
Open2 = SyncMyRide\4U5T- 14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
Opciones = Instalación automática
[SYNCGen3.0_ALL] Artículo 1
= HERRAMIENTA DE REFORMATO - 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
Open1 = SyncMyRide\1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
Opciones = Instalación automática , Incluir, Transacción

4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ (479,7MB)
GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz (1,8KB)
1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz (8,5MB)
5U5T-14G391- DH_1563811775000.TAR.GZ (1GB)
4U5T-14G423-DA_123696.tar.gz (716,5MB)
5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ (891,2MB)
4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429,5GB.TARGZ0 (5U5T-14G422-DG_1615429,5GB.TARGZ0)
4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ (4,6GB)
4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ (1,6KB)

[31/10/2022 11:42:53] Región seleccionada: ANZ - Versión: Sync 3.4.19101 - Versión del mapa: 2.20 (2020) - ANZ, SA y TW
[31/10/2022 11:42:53] Modo de instalación: Detección automática (degradación) Forzado: Falso
[31/10/2022 11:42:53] Protección MY20: Desactivado
[31/10/2022 11:42:53] Formateo de la unidad USB
[31/10/2022 11 :42:53] Recreación de la tabla de particiones como MBR y formateo como ExFat en la unidad USB seleccionada
[31/10/2022 11:43:03] Comprobación del archivo existente: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/ 2022 11:43:15] Validado: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ (Descarga omitida)
[31/10/2022 11:43:15] Comprobación del archivo existente: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
[31/10/2022 11:43:15] Validado: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz (Omitir descarga)
[31/10/2022 11:43:15] Comprobación del archivo existente: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar .gz
[31/10/2022 11:43:16] Validado: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz (Omitir descarga)
[31/10/2022 11:43:16] Comprobación del archivo existente: 5U5T-14G391-DH_1563811775000 .TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:43:37] Validado: 5U5T-14G391-DH_1563811775000.TAR.GZ (Descarga omitida)
[31/10/2022 11:43:37] Comprobación de archivo existente: 4U5T-14G423 -DA_123696.tar.gz
[31/10/2022 11:44:03] Validado: 4U5T-14G423-DA_123696.tar.gz (Omitir descarga)
[31/10/2022 11:44:03] Comprobación de archivo existente: 5U5T -14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:44:12] Validado:5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ (Descarga omitida)
[31/10/2022 11:44:12] Comprobación del archivo existente: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:44:54] Validado: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ (Descarga omitida)
[31/10/2022 11:44:54] Comprobación del archivo existente: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:46: 20] Validado: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ (Descarga omitida)
[31/10/2022 11:46:20] Comprobación del archivo existente: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11: 46:20] Validado: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ (Omitir descarga)
[31/10/2022 11:46:20] Preparando unidad USB
[31/10/2022 11:46:20] Comprobación del archivo existente: 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:46:24] 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ existe y se validó correctamente , omitiendo copia
[31/10/2022 11:46:24] Verificando archivo existente: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
[31/10/2022 11:46:24] GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz existe y validado con éxito, omitiendo la copia
[31/10/2022 11:46:24] Verificación del archivo existente: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
[31/10/2022 11:46:25] 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar .gz existe y se validó correctamente, omitiendo la copia
[31/10/2022 11:46:25] Comprobación del archivo existente: 5U5T-14G391-DH_1563811775000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:46:34] 5U5T-14G391- DH_1563811775000.TAR.GZexiste y se validó correctamente, omitiendo la copia
[31/10/2022 11:46:34] Comprobación del archivo existente: 4U5T-14G423-DA_123696.tar.gz
[31/10/2022 11:46:41] 4U5T-14G423-DA_123696. tar.gz existe y se validó con éxito, omitiendo la copia
[31/10/2022 11:46:41] Comprobando el archivo existente: 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:46:41] Copiando: 5U5T -14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:48:12] Validando: 5U5T-14G381-AP_1555085337000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:48:20] Copiado: 5U5T-14G385-08_1533570_AP_1533570 .TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:48:20] Comprobación del archivo existente: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:48:20] Copia: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR .GZ
[31/10/2022 11:51:44] Validando: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:51:58] Copiado: 4U5T-14G422-DG_1615429764000.TAR.GZ
[31/10 /2022 11:51:58] Comprobando archivo existente: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 11:51:58] Copiando: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 12:00:30] Validando: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 12:01:12] Copiado: 4U5T-14G421-DAF_1615429515000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 12:01: 12] Comprobación del archivo existente: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 12:01:12] Copia: 4U5T-14G424-DAF_1616778205000.TAR.GZ
[31/10/2022 12:01:12] Validando:31
_ _
_ /10/2022 12:01:12] Generando autoinstall.lst

Please run the Interrogator Utility Logger and post the results. Syn3 Updater Utilities tab.

I already did it and I get PKG_ERRO6 error

PKG_ERR06 – Error is UNKNOWN (Restart usually fixes this)
Installation failed
Error code: PKG_ERR06
Redownload files and reinstall.

If you have not done a master reset, then do so and try the Interrogator Utility again. If you get the same behavior, then there is an issue with the APIM or the installation.

You mean 4U5T-14G422-DG.

To help we need to know the statistics of the APIM. What is the part number? We really need the Interrogator log. It looks to me that this is not actually a NAV capable APIM, but a 16GB NON-NAV model.

VIN: WF0CP6B95L1D55932
Versión 5U5T-14G381-AP
Modelo de APIM: KU5T-14G371-BJA
Tipo de APIM: Non-Navigation
Tamaño de APIM: 16GB
Espacio libre en APIM: 546M
2/11/2022 12:27:14 +00:00

Partition Type = Free / Total
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 536K / 580M
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 43M / 6.4G
/fs/Nuance/ = 4.4M / 1.3G
/fs/Nuance/grace = 63M / 1.1G
/fs/rwdata/ = 952M / 1.2G
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 35M / 35M
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 90M / 90M
/fs/mp/ = 64M / 1.4G
/fs/images/ = 546M / 10G

Installed Packages

APIM AsBuilt
DE00: 0B68459290022E170002
DE01: 434F01044003480000001405
DE02: 0300010000
DE03: 01001C01080007
DE04: 18061810295F
DE05: 81
DE06: 1704330000000000FA00000430760057

is correct, the APIM is not compatible with navigation and is 16 GB, could you tell me which is the compatible version to install? I am trying to install the latest version available without browsing but now I get the following error, mem_ERRO1, I already checked and it says MEM_ERR01: the error is MEM_NOSPACE_TO_COPY which I suppose indicates that the APIM has no writing space.
I attached an image of the error.
Thanks for the help

Your APIM is a NON-NAV version and does not have enough storage space for the maps for your region (ANZ).

You can see that even the partial installation of a nav package has left the APIM dangerously close to failing completely. You only have 546MB of storage space free to run the APIM. This would cause the issues described above.

This is recoverable. Perform another REFORMAT installation of the Sync 3 application, Sync voice file, Gracenote:

Do NOT install maps on this unit, it will NOT work. If you want navigation, I suggest using Android Auto, CarPlay, or replacing the APIM with a NAV version.

thank you very much for your help, I see that you sent me 3 files, but I want to know if I just have to download them directly to the usb memory and then connect it to the APIM, or if I have to do a direct configuration with the sync 3 updater. I’m not really an expert on these issues, could you please tell me how I should do that step? since I don’t know how I could create the autoinstall and in the usb memory.

You need to use the Syn3 Updater as you did before, but only install these 3 files using the DOWNGRADE and Reformat mode.

I’m sorry leader but I don’t know how to mount file by file since the sync 3 updater only allows me 1 at a time. sorry for so much trouble.

I already have the file installed on the usb memory, but I can’t install the other 2 files, also version 3.2.19164 is not found in the sync 3 updater database.

leader, I did the following, create the usb memory with only 1 file (5U5T-14G381-AP) thus leaving the autoinstaller and then download the 2 (5U5T-14G391-DH and 4U5T-14G423-DA) missing files on the pc and then copy them to the parent directory of the usb stick.

Could you already connect it to the APIM?

That shows AUTOINSTALL mode. You need to DOWNGRADE. You will need to force the REFORMAT thru the setup. This is not normal, but your APIM needs to be recovered. You need to remove the maps, which can only be done thru REFORMAT.

Open Syn3 Updater.
Go to the Settings tab.
Fill out the version, region, and nav selections as shown.
Select Edit Advanced Options. Select as shown.

Go to the Home tab.
Select the USB.
Select the region, version, map version settings as shown.
Look at the bottom of the window and ensure the app indicates “Downgrade”.
Ignore the Forced and MY20 protection settings.
Select START.

This will download the files and write the autoinstall.lst and reformat.lst files to the USB.

The autoinstall.lst file will look like this:

Item1 = TOOL - GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
Open1 = SyncMyRide\GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
Item2 = APP - 4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
Open2 = SyncMyRide\4U5T-14G381-AN_1552583626000.TAR.GZ
Options = AutoInstall
Item1 = REFORMAT TOOL - 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
Open1 = SyncMyRide\1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
Options = AutoInstall,Include,Transaction

The reformat.lst file will look like this:


You will have these files in the SyncMyRide folder on the USB:

After this is all done, install the files in the vehicle. The installation will delete Gracenote, then downgrade the APIM to 3.3.19052. The unit will reboot on its own at this point.


The installation will then start the reformat process and reboot the APIM. Again, DO NOT remove the USB. The installation will process the files and finally come to a GREEN screen that says you can remove the USB. Only at this point is it safe to do so. Remove the USB. The APIM will reboot on its own, do not key cycle the vehicle. Let the APIM boot completely, do not disturb it.

Perform a Master Reset after the installation is completed after the unit has rebooted on its own completely. About 5 minutes.

The files listed in Syn3 Updater are for NON-NAV will work properly on your APIM. These are the recommend files for your region from Ford. The other files are meant for NAV units.
Sync Voice: 4U5T-14G391-BJ
Gracenote: 4U5T-14G423-BA

Remember to go back to the Syn3 Updater and set the Edit Advanced Options to OFF.

Now if you want to upgrade to the latest Sync version, you will just use AUTOINSTALL.

ready leader, I’m going to perform these steps, thank you very much.
I will notify you as soon as the process is finished

leader, unfortunately it didn’t work, the APIM spent 1 hour and 30 minutes restarting, when it started it did it with the previously installed version and said updating software again, it restarted and started again, after 30 minutes, the APIM turned off and the black screen for 1 hour. After that time, I decided to turn the vehicle on and off, the APIM turned on again but continued doing the same processes mentioned above.
it is as if the APIM has a lock and does not allow the downgrade to do the formatting process.

Is the APIM still on 3.4.19101?
If so, use this autoinstall.lst file, replace the one on the USB. You don’t need to change any other files.
autoinstall.lst (117 Bytes)

If this does not work, the APIM does not have enough free storage space to completely boot and is stuck in a boot cycle. There is no solution for this issue.

wow leader, it’s a problem. I am going to try with that file that you sent me and I will comment on it. Thanks for the help.

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