Sat nav working , but not quite

Bought an Asian export 2017 Lincoln Continental with Chinese region sat nav which is not much use as I live in the UK so I disabled it via for scan and use the maps on my iPhone. Since discovering your wonderful website I have managed to download UK maps first with 3.4 19101 EU maps but the voice was in German so I uploaded 3.4 19274 CN and I got the voice back to English, it works really well apart from no voice route guidance and the system ignores my sat nav voice commands. It would be great to get it working perfectly but I realise there is a conflict due to the region thing between China and Europe. I’m surprised I got it working at all to be quite honest. It is strange that it listens and obeys all my other voice commands but not the satnav. Any simple ideas?

We don’t support change of region as, simply, it isn’t possible to test as myself and Cyanlabs are in the UK. We definitely haven’t come across a China to UK change of region either. So there are 3 variables you’d need to look into, but that’s all I can help with:

  1. the files you are replacing via USB update
  2. the country code setting in your apim asbuilt here: 7D0-02-01 XXXX-####-####
  3. the calibration files loaded into your apim, being a Chinese apim these could be all over the place.

Personally if I were you, I’d source a UK apim off ebay (search 14g370) and replace the module. If you do this, let us know as I’d be interested in your Chinese module to help us support changing region!