Should I update?

Hi there! Owner of a 2019 Smax running sync 3.3 build 19052 European Map version F8, that has just been serviced at a Ford dealership. I asked them to update with the lastest but came with the same versions. Should I update through you?


That’s a decision solely up to yourself to decide. You may eventually see an official update to 3.4, you may not. You can downgrade back to the current version you are on if you wish in the future as you are already on 3.3.

Further to what @Louage has said, 19052 is a option in FordSyncDownloader so you can easily switch back if you decide.

Sure, you are right, but my doubt was or is as long as the car has been serviced and there are new versions, why didn’t they updated my Sync
I will update using cyan app, should i update version by version or go strait to the last?


How to upgrade from build 19274 to build 20136