Size off in screen? No buttons work either?

So after going to the bowels of the internet, am I the only one that has ever had everything to load correctly, rock and roll and boom the damn screen is offset? Its like maybe the software is thinking it should be on a bigger screen… Splash screen comes up correct size then all hell breaks loose. The truck is a work truck 2019 F150 and it has the sad size screen in the dash. I cant find any settings that could adjust this and few of the buttons worked to navigate to anything other than the knob to change the radio station. I am currently downloading a diff version and will try to upload and see if that helps…
Thanks in advance

Since you did not describe this, we’ll assume you have the 8" Sync screen in the truck and you loaded the version for the 4" screen? 2019 F150 would probably come with Sync 3.3 (or 3.2).

Can you provide more information on what you would like to do and what version the system in currently installed?

After the first update 3.4.20196 is the version that had the problems… All I am trying to do is either do a screen mirror or integrate android auto realizing the unit itself will not be able to be a “nav” unit without other mods.

Further it has the 4" screen and it would seem that oddly the version I uploaded was reflective of 8". I mean it kindof makes sense but I made a good many mods to the truck for interior lights, and the usual a good while back. Now just realizing that more of a modification could be done ie to be able to use aa or mirror, I took the jump off the cliff… I am about to pull the earlier version 1 from above to see if that makes a difference. Also I went back through and looked (as best I could) to see if any of ther prior mods could have impacted this and while it makes more sense that is the case I am unsure…

Thanks again

The 4" version you should use is about 408MB
5U5T-14G381-FD 408Mb Sync3 v3.4.20136 15.05.2020

This is an 8" version.

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Awesome, Thank you!!