Some settings going back to default

A downgrade did not work. Still the VER_ERR08 error. At this point, I believe the OTA update is corrupted. Also sometimes, my sync screen stays on after my car is off and locked, killing my battery.

Will update tomorrow after I drop car off at Ford.

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2019 Mustang. 401A. Going to dealer tomorrow. Hopefully they can do something. I’m still under the original warranty.

Please let us know what you find out. I was going to attempt the downgrade myself until I saw you got the error. Hopefully they can reformat and reload at the dealer without having to order new parts and take our vehicles apart.

@walkermahoney are you having the exact same settings go back to default as I am?
backup camera delay
screen set to AUTO instead of night
touchscreen beeps

@F150Chief , thank you for your support in this too.

@gregkeller I think it differs from car to car but for me it always asks me to confirm if I want to do automatic sync updates, it forgets my bluetooth devices, my XM logos don’t come through and sometimes the name of the channel disappears entirely, I sometimes can’t do a master reset, gracenotes have “disappeared” (there’s no version available).

My unit is always very slow to turn on and stays on long after the car is turned off. None of this occurred until the update. I am waiting until Saturday to go to ford as that was the earliest I could get an appointment, will keep everyone posted.

@walkermahoney mine also asks at startup if I want it to check for updates and looks for WiFi networks to connect to. I’m also missing XM logos on some.

My appointment is Thursday. I’ll let you know what happens with mine.

Do you still happen to have a version number for gracenotes? Mine is completely gone.

@walkermahoney, I just noticed my Gracenote version is also blank.

@walkermahoney and @F150Chief - I tried another USB flash drive. The first one was 32GB in size and I got the #VER_ERR08 error. Next one was a 14GB in size. I formatted it through Windows, but it wasn’t a quick format. I then let the CYNALABS format it how it needed it. I selected to install the same version but without maps. This time the software installed successfully.

I then shut the truck off, waited a few minutes, then started it back. I then did a MASTER RESET under General. Once it was done, I shut the truck off, got out, locked the doors, then got back in. I started the truck and pressed the power and forward seek buttons together. I’ve set all my settings how I want them. I’ll let you know what happens. Fingers crossed.

My Gracenote version is now showing (NA-0020).
Maps is NA 2 21
SYNC 3.4.22251

You reinstalled 22251 without maps? @gregkeller

Yes, but it did not work. I set everything to how I wanted. Turned the truck off. Waited an hour, I went to start the truck, all those settings were back to default.

I’m done messing with it. I’ll update you all after I go to the dealer on Thursday.

Gracenotes gone again?

Gravenote version is staying this time.

I was able to fix the issues with help from @F150Chief and @SaNdMaN. All I had to do was only put grace notes on my flash drive, nothing else but the grace notes package. I installed it and everything was fixed instantly. It’s been a little less than 24 hours since I did this and everything is working perfectly (minus xm logos appearing, I’ll give it a few days before looking into it).

What issues were you having again? I thought you had settings switching back to default?

I did, exact same issues as you. Somehow gracenotes and the settings issues were connected. Don’t ask me why, we have no idea. However, it worked. Since grace notes wasn’t appearing on my system, I was told to only install grace notes, nothing else. And this fixed everything. It’s worth a shot, it won’t make anything worse, which is what they told me. 5 minute install, everything fixed.

Only do this if grace notes isn’t installed I guess.

This is where all this took place, give it a read.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Went to the dealer this morning. The APIM needs to be replaced. Glad I put an extended warranty on the truck from Ford. It’s about to pay for itself.

Mine had same issues, just happned few day ago
Sync 3 didn’t remember all settings, included bluetooth with paired phone before!
The gracenotes still available Do I need to change gracenotes for fixing?

After reading review, look like the troubles come from chip eMMC
I just removed gracesnotes, disable navigation and return to sync 3.3 to reduce load for eMMC and now all back to normal
Just waiting more few days to see what happens more