Stuck on "Starting Update"

Hello, I am trying to download the 3.4. 19200 with Navi version (I have 3.3), but I got this error message
and system is stuck in the “Starting update” for more than an hour.
I cannot even reset it while the ignition is off!
Is there any way to cancel this??


No, your apim has formatted so you need to complete the update.

It looks like a badly created usb, ensure you follow the usb preparation steps listed in the app and redownload the files to it, alternatively follow the request help option in the app and speak to us on Discord.

I will try it again, thanks.
Can I download again the original Ford image from the site, at this stage?

No, you must complete the process

OK, everything is fine, it seems I forgot a second hidden USB connected, so it was not possible to boot from that one.
Many thanks for your instantaneous answers!