Syn3 Updater 2.0 BETA TESTING!

ITS OUT!!! Syn3 Updater – CyanLabs

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :slight_smile:


Not the right place to ask this.

Attempted to test the Beta. Below are my comments:

  1. Install mode such as Auto install or format etc are available only in initial screen, unable to change later to any other mode before downloading.
  2. Application warns that we should not attempt downgrade or format on 2020 manufactured vehicles.

My Vehicle is 2019 delivered but sales guy for some reason mentioned it was 2020 model Sync. And so a bit reluctant to proceed with format mode.

I am not sure if it is possible to automate that response and choose a build mode when connected to system. As it will be good if we could add automation to check build version and choose build mode.

Hi @CyanLabs
if you need support for testing and/or translation to German, just drop me a pm.
I just joined discord and have to get used to it :wink: Old man hurdles :wink:
So far first tests, installation, setup, download check was running fine on the first glance.
Pre setup from the Sync Updater 1.x.x would be nice and could avoid intense discussion about wrong usage.
I hope you had an easy Xmas time.

This can be changed from the setting menu at the bottom left.

This is something I’m still trying to gather data on, not all cars are affected. Before I have more information I’m not willing to automate it, would rather not brick car sync units.

Thanks for the feedback

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When it’s released this will already upgrade old settings :slight_smile:

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Added many languages to the translation service

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Good afternoon everyone and Happy Holidays!

I just updated and didn’t see any apparent difference.

Everything is working very well.

My thanks.

I still don’t have The Logos …

Please keep off topic discussion off this thread, this is purely to discuss issues with Syn3 Updater 2.0 not FORDS SYNC SOFTWARE!

My apologies.Obrigado.

quick run through of beta 13 seemed ok. in beta 21, there is significant lag (5 seconds) between clicking into a dropdown menu and the menu opening up. Windows 10 20H2.

Thanks for testing, I’m on this build and don’t have this issue, as the list is populated from our server maybe you were having internet slowness?

none from me. I think I tracked down my issue menu latency issue to running the app over an rdp session vs running locally.

There is an outstanding crash that needs to be fixed but I think it’s nearly ready

OK Great :slight_smile: good to hear

Paid Options - What is it for and where can i pay and get things ?

Not something that has been implemented or has any function yet, it’s first reason was to make it so you can download cut down maps packages specific for your countries for a small fee. but there could be other plans in the future. the main app will always be free.

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Thanks… I have try now ask plety times because im nervous by these warning of update, but i think the reformat tool is the better update method.My new fiesta vignale 2020 model is made on factory December 2019, makes this my car a MY19 or is it a MY20 ?