Syn3 updater not showing older versions?

I am trying to update an older APIM from 1.0.15139 to the latest 3.0 version. but the new version does not show a selection older than 3.3 on the dropdown menu, I also installed the syn3updater on another laptop and same issue so maybe there is a bug in the program?. I am running of the program. I had updated a APIM to the latest 3.0 version about a month ago no issues. Thanks for the help.

We only support 3.3 and above.

You never updated to 3.0 using our software. I assure you of this.

You are right, what a major brain fart. Ok I used the ford site to get 3.0 last time to keep radio logos. I will try 3.3 and see if it keeps the logos on this one.

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