Sync 3.0 to 3.4 Error Message

Thank you in advance for your help.

I am attempting to upgrade my Sync 3.0 system to 3.4 and encountered an error message around the 7.5 minute mark. Prior to the error, the system appears to be extracting Maps. My Sync version does not have navigation, but when asked, I did include Maps with the download as I was unclear if this made any impact to Apple CarPlay. I am attempting to download the software without Map information now. I am including a photo of the error message. Any assistance you could provide would be fantastic.

if your car does not have NAV don’t select MAPS

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Thank you. I just finished downloading the software again without Maps and attempted to install - same thing and error happens right during the Extracting Maps part of the install. I double checked and the error code is the same as well.

I am attempting to download the software again. If you have any suggestions on what the issue may be, please let me know.

Tried again with the same results - deleted the software, redownloaded software to the flash drive. Plugged into USB in the car and waited. Install seems to go fine until the 7 minute mark - the message on the screen states that it was Extracting map package… even though I have been downloading the version without Maps. Around the 7 minute more, the screen goes red and the same error message shows.

Any help you may be able to provide would be amazing.

Probably worth mentioning that I am downloading the software from the downloader - I’ve watched the YouTube videos and am only using one flash drive as the second one didn’t seem necessary. Please let me know if this may be my issue.

I’d recommend a different USB. Please note we are UK based so won’t answer at 3am local time…

Clearly you have either not selected without maps or you have not re prepared your usb. Not sure how people fail even with the application. don’t tick with maps, press download and once done press prepare usb. Once done press get help so I can see the contents then continue onwards

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I drive a Ford Edge 2017 and was getting the error below . Check if you are getting the below error now ??

'error un 4u5t-14g423-fa_123698.tar.gz

and the response i received from cyanlabs was

“You don’t have enough space on your APIM, remove the GRACENOTES line from reformat.lst and repeat”.

Yes this is correct but he is having the issue with a maps file, he claims he has unchecked maps but is still trying to flash maps files so clearly hasn’t re prepared the usb drive.