Sync 3 -> 3.4.20282 Sync Connect issues


I recently upgraded using the Syn3 Updater tool to the latest build of 3.4. Everything seems to be working fine other than the FordPass features. I seem to be stuck in the activation stage and it would appear that perhaps the modem isn’t telling the APIM to give me an activation message? (See Forscan and FordPass app screenshots below)

2017 Ford Escape. I’ve tried solutions previously posted in this forum such as doing a master reset, unplugging the battery for an hour, rolling back to 3.3 (I’ve since gone back to 20282), removing my car from the app, logging out, and the app itself. I can provide my as built information in Forscan if that’ll help with troubleshooting.

App screenshot:

If you have an Android phone, uninstall the current FordPass app, version 3.14, and sideload version 3.12. I don’t know how to do that, but it is reported to work. There are issues with the latest app.

You can find more info here:

That did the trick! I never thought the problem would have been there…

Anyone that sees this in the future, after you sideload the earlier app version, the Ford app will show many popups telling you to update the application. You need to just tap out of them and ignore them and it will eventually work.

A trusted source for app versions I’ve used in the past:


+1 to using APKMirror :slight_smile:


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