Sync 3.4 19200 back to Sync 3.0 19205

Any help on downgrading back to this. 19200 has been a nightmare for 3 months for me. Need to get stable again.

It isn’t possible, this is clearly stated during the process and in the tutorials. The lowest you can go to is 3.2 or 3.3

Use the SYN3 Updater to downgrade to 3.3.19052. Keep your maps…

Or update to 20196, as avdonr states below.

As mentioned before, it is not possible and is clearly stated.

Try the latest build since you are in 19200… we have 20196 now…
Or go to 3.3…

Like others have mentioned above it is not possible to revert back to 3.0. However you are currently on 3.4.19200 which is fairly old at this point. Recently 3.4.20196 was released and it fixes a lot of issues encountered in newer builds past 3.4.19200. Perhaps try updating to 3.4.20196 first and see if it fixes your issues.

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Got it, thanks guys. I’m just having fits with this version, black screen, etc. I’ll give it a try

That sounds like a corrupted install or maybe signs of a hardware failure. Don’t panic though, just either downgrade to 3.3 or upgrade to 3.4.20196. Either way, these are stable versions and should run properly.