Sync 3.4.20136 - Feedback & Issues

It’s not meant to be

I just upgraded to 3.4.19200 from 3.0.19205 this morning. Everything went great and works.

I noticed the 3.4.2xxx builds appear to have some bugs.

Is there an ETA for the next build?

I am have a continuous PKG_ERR04 every time i try to upgrade to 20136 build. I have reformatted multiple times and tried multiple drives. Anyone can point me in the right direction please?

You are trying to go to 20136 from 19274 20021 you can’t do that and must downgrade first

Nope, they come as and when, bit screwed currently due to Covid aswell i think.

I dont wan to screw anything up. By deleting downgrade to with version will it down grade to? Will i need to reinstall a different version using the sync update downloader? Or do i just use the downgrade then update to 20136?

Thanks for the response.

Another question I had is are incremental updates as simple as prepping the usb stick and going through the update process?

You can use the manual mode of the app

Just checked it out, Thanks

I will wait until the usb bug is fixed before I upgrade from 3.4.19200. I use usb playback 95% of the time.

Did I do upgrade from 3.0 19205 to 3.4 20136 or first I have do upgrade to lower version?

Use the app and go straight to 20136

Ok Thanks for info :slight_smile:

Could You tell me what with USB Hub? I saw on forums they wrote there will be a problem after upgrade. Could You tell me something about this issue?

some cars pre-2017 have the old USB hub, you need to replace this to get rid of the “unsupported USB hub” message. most cars are fine.

I used the Ford Sync Update Downloader to downgrade (I was at 19274), and the downgrade was successful.

I then used the utility to update to 20136. After putting the flashdrive in the usb port, my infortainment screen said updating software, then about a minute later it said update complete, restarting. My infotainment then went black, and will not come back on. Any ideas on what went wrong or what I can do now?

Update: I think my issue is that I pulled out the flashdrive after I got the update complete message (I found some instructions on the site saying that it needs to be left in for the reformat process). At any rate, the screen went black and will not turn on.

Update 2: Here is some more info. I have a 2020 Explorer ST. I downloaded the NA version of 20136 with maps to the flashdrive.

OK thanks, I have car from 2018. Probably this failure will not occur.

I think you are probably right, i’m not sure what can be done from a end user perspective to fix this, it will likely need a hardware flash to restore.

Thanks. I’m guessing a hardware flash is something I cannot do (it would be a Ford dealer thing)?

A dealer wouldn’t do it, you need to disassemble the unit and flash with a 3rd party programmer, but have you tried the basics like leaving the battery disconnected for X time etc.

I haven’t done that. I’ll look into how to disconnect the battery.