Sync 3.4.21194 - Feedback & Issues

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Thanks for this. Does this release fix the issue with the older screens where you get the flickering issue as it tries to fade between the light sensor reading, and the auto dim option that was disabled after early 3.4 versions?



It is reported that it does. I personally have not tested this. This issue is vehicle model dependent, so your experience may be different.

The illumination dimming is controlled through the vehicle dimming controls, no longer thru the Sync controls, except at night. This change was made in the early versions of 3.4 by design.

Thanks. In my car, I have a separate dash button that controls the in car illumination level, but the Sync 3.4 screen still had a mind of its own and tried to auto dim when the ambient light level changes. But it goes mad, causes a flicker effect in the screen (even on dark mode).

The earlier versions of 3.4 and all versions of 3.0 had the option to disable auto dim in the sync settings, so hopefully this update resolves the above!

Hi, upgraded my focus from 3.4.19101 to 3.4.21194, the air conditioning control disappeared and i think that the system now have more delay.


Perform a master reset. About the AC commands it’s not a bug, it was a bug for you to have them in the past build, and now that bug is fixed.

You can enable that via forscan if you like, but why would you, since you have a dedicated physical panel to control the AC.

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Hi SandMan, i did the master reset, i dont need the AC commands just i was saying :stuck_out_tongue:
I didnt know that was a bug.

SYNC 3.4.21194 has been officially released by Ford for my Bronco Sport. FYI in case anyone is unsure about installing this.

I just completed the update of the sync 3.0.17276 directly to 3/4/21194 as well updating the navigation from NA 1.16 to NA 2.20 in my 2018 F150. Thanks Cyanlabs this has been excellent. I had hesitated to complete the update in the past as it would need to ensure to select the correct package, format, etc but the latest tool is great tool and making the update is a breeze. The whole process takes about a few hrs from downloading the file and installing on my vehicle. It took a bit longer to download all the files cause for some reason I keep getting message download failed and took several tries. Installing on the vehicle takes about 30 mins (with the maps update). I am glad it was able to keep all the setting that I had modified with fordscan. I had added subwoofer and also modify the equalizer setting and thought I may have to make the changes again with fordscan but turn out all setting was intact after the update. I notice however with this latest sync 3.4 boot up is slightly slower than 3.0 and voice prompt is a little bit choppy. I am thinking may be newer Sync now require faster processor/more memory and hence I am seeing these effect?. Overall I am glad I was able to update it successfully. Thanks again Cyanlabs Team.

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just completed install/upgrade from stock 2017 escape titanium with maps. sync 3 v3.0 build 20204. now running sync 3.4.21194 with 2.20(2020) - na maps. had to do a reset several times before it the new maps showed up properly. drove it today and works without issue so far. the cable i was using for android auto wasnt working after the upgrade so changed cable to the oem cable with the one plus nord 10 i am using and android auto works now.

btw this update took about 45 minutes to complete.

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My language version is marked as UK English instead of USA English, some of the ford apps won’t work. Not the end of the world but is there a fix for this…
I am on 3.4.21194 with latest maps.

Other than that works perfectly

Make sure you have the proper voice file installed for NA, and if you have modified your region to 5753 for NAV in motion it will do this. With 3.4.21194, I suggest returning your setting to 5553 for US as some of the annoyances in the NAV have been modified.

I appreciate all the help, however I am a little confused, using the sync3 updater

this is how I was able to update from 3.0 to 3.4 I didn’t make any changes to the defaults or regions

The info above looks fine. Could you post the log file from the usb?

When you say Ford Apps, is this AppLink apps? A lot of those are discontinued now with 3.4. See the Ford Owner website for info on what is available for your vehicle…

i will get the log file, anyone have issues with using the FordPass remote start after the upgrade. i tried a full master reset a few times still not working.

You just need to wait

Common issue. Do this, assuming you have good AT&T cell service in your area.

Delete the phone from your vehicle.
Delete FordPass from your phone completely.
Reboot your phone. This is critical. (DO NOT install FordPass yet.)
Perform a Master Reset on your Sync system.
Re-pair your phone with your Sync system.
Make sure all your phone functions work, etc.
Turn off the car.
In 15 minutes, turn car on, let everything settle.
The engine must be running for the following:
Add the FordPass app to your phone.
Open the FordPass app and add your vehicle to the app.
You should receive a confirmation email that the vehicle was added.
Activate the vehicle.
You should receive a confirmation email that the vehicle was activated. If you do not, do not try over and over to activate the vehicle, as this will just mess things up.
Once you get the email, answer the prompts on the Sync screen to accept the permissions, etc.
Shut off the vehicle.
Log off the app and close the FordPass app on your phone.
Wait 15 minutes or so, then open the app on the phone and log in.
FordPass app should catch up.

This is a long and tedious process, but this has worked for me and others repeatedly. Just be patient, sometimes it takes overnight…

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Apologies for the repeat since I am not finding the edit button.
I just completed the Sycn 3.4.21194 a few days ago on my F150 and so far has been great. I did not complete any master reset at the end since everything seem to be working (Fordpass, GPS, etc) all is working as normal. I just need to re-pair the apple car play and android auto.
On the other hand I was checking the Theme options using pressing the right buttons on both the steering wheel as well the console method. I see on the list there are several options for the different themes however when selected it does not make any changes to the theme and remain as my20 themes. My question is this mean the new themes on sync 3.4.21194 was not part of the download package hence even it was listed it cold not be activated?. Not a big deal and more of curiosity question.