Sync 3.4.22251 - Feedback & Issues

As far as CyanLabs is concerned this toggle has gone, if the workaround is to modify a system file in order to allow the feature it is gone, we do not condone nor allow discussion or sharing of modified IP of which JailBreaking includes.

Unfortunately the first one, just things the community notices

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I’ve just confirmed while driving to work today, the issue is definitely not as obvious on this version for some reason and I’m not sure why the behavior is different since the majority of the versions are the same. I’ll stick to 3.4.22110 unless there’s significant changes that occur in the later versions or if they ever reintroduce that toggle for auto brightness.

As far as the flickering goes, there seems to be zero change on my C-Max in that behavior. Definitely has not improved any at the very least.

As far as the auto-dim toggle, at minimum a couple of us C-Max owners have been able to confirm having an updated APIM calibration (My H series is on the -DA level calibration if memory serves? I’d have to load up Forscan again to check.) brings it back. May or may not be the same on the other affected vehicles.

Just updated to 3.4.22251 on my MY18 Raptor. No issues reported so far.

Pics in my update thread:

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SiriusXM station icons no longer disappear in the preset row upon a restart. Before they would be text-only until actually listening to a station. Now the logos are present before even listening to a station.

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does this version still have the same USB song skip(sometimes at the end of a song it will skip the next song ie: end of song 1 skips 2 goes to 3) and song hiccup(1 or 2 seconds of the song get cut several times while listening) problems as all the other versions?
these problems are the reason why I can’t get any version over 19101 although I still get the song skip issue with this version.
19052 doesn’t have these issues but it has an issue seeing the USB drive when starting the car so 19101 is a happy medium.

I updated to the latest version 22251, and I noticed that the information subtitles, for example radio , gps and others read more sofft, or I will be seeing it wrong. Among other indications of pairing between the cell phone.

I don’t see the climate icon on the screen, Ford Kuga Titanium
Have i done something wrong ?



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If you didn’t have it before you won’t have it now, add it with forscan.

After update 22251 i found in my sync3.4 with navi eu and bang olufsen and dab radio that usb playback has a lot of problem like jumping and make noise and “digital noise” so it is a big problem in this version. I have make master reset and battei off to make system reboot and also forscan reset for the audio system.


Do need to use goolge for the codes ?

Use our database

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The center navigation between the Speedo dials doesn’t show roundabouts if they have multiple exits. Also other roundabout symbols show the wrong direction.

This is not anything that cyanlabs can fix but if others report the same I’ll add it to the issues list.

Clock and compass issues still exists, Galaxy 2017 :frowning:

2018 non-nav USA F150 Lariat here.

Did not have clock and compass issues on 22200, do not have them on 22251.

As a reminder, for those of us with non-nav this is how you upgrade:

  1. Use Syn3Updater to create a Gracenotes Removal USB…Delete Gracenotes from your head unit.
  2. Use Syn3Updater to Upgrade Voice and Apps packages but not Gracenotes.
  3. After reboot, Use Syn3Updater to install Gracenotes only.

Follow all other instructions for install, be sure to factory reset at the end.

I updated to this version today and I lost the radio logos when updating to this version, has this happened to anyone else?

Did you perform a master reset of the Sync APIM?