Sync 3.4.22251 - Feedback & Issues

I did it twice after update

Log file… or we can keep guessing all day and night

What is the vehicle, year, model? Nav or No Nav?

I don’t have it right now if I find it when I get home I’ll upload it

Its a ford kuga st-line 2018 with nav

You chaps and your radio logo’s. Across the pond here we don’t rely on that sort of rubbish. :laughing:

No you rely on a paid service because in America nothing is free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol, sadly this is true!

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My grandad is american btw so i can say these things :wink:

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Upgraded my 2017 Focus ST today from 2.0.16074 to 3.4.22251 with no issues. Thank you!

Is there a way to remove all the radio presets or AM/FM radio entirely? I only ever use Carplay and Spotify, so I have no use for them.