Sync 3.4.22251 - Feedback & Issues

You need to change your USB hub, the one you have is old. Android Auto will work, Car Play won’t.

There’s no way to get rid of that message other than changing the USB hub.

Ahh yes. I remember now when we bought the car there was much hubbub around whether Ford was going to actually upgrade the hub for IOS users at no charge or not.

We only use Android, so it didn’t really matter to me…

Thanks to all for the prompt responses!

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FYI: There is a JB mod that will remove the message.

That’s good to know, thanks.
Seems a bit extreme though, hehe.

Tom here again… Just finished the Sync & maps update on our '17 Black Label MKZ.

My hat is off to you for the thoroughness of the code you’ve created here. Through my own negligence, one of the map files on my USB drive was incomplete.

I got the “big red screen” with a proper error message indicating the file that would not extract. Back to my PC to have a look and there it was… a zero byte file!

When I went back to the car the Sync system had reverted to the partition wipe routine and automatically started the process again.

Wow. That was a WELCOME relief! Thanks again for your hard work on this project.

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Hello everyone.

My Sync is behavioral is strange on this firmware.
Sometimes it won’t save the settings.
Sometimes it won’t connect automatically to phone…
Tried re-install but seems like issue still persist.
Got a My20 EU APIM.
Is there any way to downgrade it?


You can downgrade versions by using the AUTOINSTALL method thru the Syn3 Updater.

Tried, but getting VER_ERR08

If you APIM is a MY20 than you cant format it. Where did you get this APIM?

Never a good sign. I would create a new thread since the issues you are having are not related to this build, there’s something else at play.

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Is this the last version ? It is now long time since a new update is relase… Normale 3 to 4 month between

Thanks for the head up with downgrade of unit.
Used official zip package and worked like a charm.
Running 3.4.22200
Have a good day all of u mattes.

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