Sync 3.4 bloccato su reformat

Salve cerco aiuto avevo sync 3.4 20021 ho effettuato downgrade alla versione 19101 ho usato il reformat e ora non riesco più ad installare nulla mi da sempre questo errore Error in lst : 5U5T-14G381-EB.TAR.gz not fuond
Cerco aiuto grazie

Please translate this to english!

Hi I am looking for help I had sync 3.4 20021 I downgraded to version 19101 I used the reformat and now I can no longer install anything it always gives me this error Error in lst: 5U5T-14G381-EB.TAR.gz not fuond

It is best to re-download and try to update

This tells you the error, you don’t have 5u5t-14g381-EB.tar.gz on your USB drive

Thanks for the support. Problem solved I downloaded everything again with another PC and the update was successful