Sync 3.4 display DIM, Sync 3.3 OK

2014 Ford CMAX Energi. Purchased APIM off ebay. 1U5T-14G371-BCA. Was told from 2017. Upgrade to latest 3.4 from 3.2.17237. Did not change as-build to cmax. (do have 2016 as-built with same package option).
With 3.4.21194, display is always at 50%. Barely visible in daylight. Full bright before loading. I see that 7D0-01-01 fix via search. Is this only solution?
I downgraded to 3.3 and display is at full brightness.
I am waiting for the ODBII/USB cable to program the APIM with correct as-built. Is there a issue if I do not update the as-built via ForScan?

Thanks much for the Sync3 updater and all the information available.

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Yes, and aslong as it’s not a hardware fault it will fix it :slight_smile:

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The part number is actually 2016, but probably manufactured in 2017 in Czech Republic. If this is true, it will have 64GB storage, as this is a NAV unit.

If the unit had 3.2.17237 when you bought it, someone already reformatted the unit from Sync 3.0. You will need to program the asbuilt to your vehicle and US specifications. If the 2016 asbuilt you have is US spec, this should work.


Yes, there will be issues and you will find them in time…when you get the adapter let us know and we’ll help you thru the settings.

Thank you for the response. Much appreciate.
I ran the interrogator. It shows up as Non-Nav with 16GB.
Once I have the ODBII/USB cable and FORScan installed, I will load the as-built from 2016 CMAX Energi with same option as my original as-built.

Again, thank you for the responses. Clear on what needs to be done.

It must be listed wrong on eBay…

This is replacing a Sync 2 unit? There will be some differences from Sync 2 asbuilt mapping and additional code lines for Sync 3.

Here is the latest Sync 3 spreadsheet…APIM As Built Database.xlsx (82.7 KB)

You should review the 2016 build and your 2014 C-Max against this. You will probably not have 7D0-08-xx and 7D0-09-xx coding. The asbuilt is in the xml file as DE00 thru DE06. The checksum bits are not included in those lines.

Hello F150chief,

Yes. I am upgrading from Sync 2. 2014 CMAX Energi SEL with 300A option.
I download .ab file from with my current VIN number. I download .ab files with 2016 VIN numbers found on google search. (made sure the options were same).
I can compare the two .ab file. I would assume that I need to copy the setting from 2014 to 2016 to work? Is there significant risk just uploading 2016 .ab files without making adjustments?
Sorry for the newbie quesiton. Forscan portion was something I was bit uncomfortable to begin with.


There is not, but some things may not appear or work properly. It’s not going to harm anything. As far as the asbuilt data, it will be easily fixed if it’s wrong.

If you make copies of the .ab files and change the extension to .xml you can open those in excel or a browser.

Hey @Jonathan_Yi , were you able to solve the issue?

Not yet.
I finally got the USB/OBDII so will be doing the asbuilt update to 2016 cmax and doing 3.4 update this week.


Initially had some issues with ELM327 driver but finally connected to the USB and Forscan.
Was able to upload 2016 asbuilt file for APIM. Got alarm for different block size, but it saved OK. APIM went back to CMAX energi .
Updated to Sync 3.4 21194.
No issue with display brightness. (maybe it was too dark to notice the brightness issue). Will check it tomorrow AM.

Thanks for all the advices. Much appreciate it.

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