Sync 3.4. Problems

Good evening,
I have a ford kuga 2020 1.5ecoblue 120hp in Italy.
since last week I have been experiencing these problems:

  1. the sync starts automatically in English and not in Italian and on AM radio frequency;
  2. turning off the machine and opening the door, the ford logo no longer appears but appears the last blocked sync screen.
    How can I solve?
    sync 3.4 build 21020 maps F10 gracenote EU00020

You have a 2020 Kuga. Under warranty? I would take it to Ford Service and see if they can solve the issues first. Anything you do with it could cause warranty concerns.

yes, my car now is under warranty. Today i went to Ford service but they give me a paper with update link that is the same on ford website.
i wait that the Sync complete the last update byself on wifi and than i recall ford service.
thank you.