Sync 3.4 update stuck

Hi, my sync was 3 v3.0 NA region with Nav. I update the system to 3.4 v.19247 NA with nav. first time successfully , then i found RAW version containing maps of my region so i downgrade to 3.3 version , then download the raw version 19247 , to usb stick and insert it to my car , here during the update process don’t know what happened the update stucked with a red screen message Error in ( 5U5T-14G381-EB_1581452369000.TAR.GZ : PKG_ERROR3) then downgrade again to 3.3 , when inserting the usb also get a message red screen Error (update package not found…) now the screen asking to insert the usb stick , i tried with all versions it doesn’t accept updating neither downgrading . Please what should i do to return any version .

What is the year and model of the vehicle? What region are you in now?

thanks for replying i solved it thank you bro.


Can you please tell me how you solved your problem?

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How did you solve it?

چۆن چاکت کرد برا ؟؟؟