Sync 3.4 update stuck

Hi, my sync was 3 v3.0 NA region with Nav. I update the system to 3.4 v.19247 NA with nav. first time successfully , then i found RAW version containing maps of my region so i downgrade to 3.3 version , then download the raw version 19247 , to usb stick and insert it to my car , here during the update process don’t know what happened the update stucked with a red screen message Error in ( 5U5T-14G381-EB_1581452369000.TAR.GZ : PKG_ERROR3) then downgrade again to 3.3 , when inserting the usb also get a message red screen Error (update package not found…) now the screen asking to insert the usb stick , i tried with all versions it doesn’t accept updating neither downgrading . Please what should i do to return any version .

What is the year and model of the vehicle? What region are you in now?

thanks for replying i solved it thank you bro.


Can you please tell me how you solved your problem?

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How did you solve it?

چۆن چاکت کرد برا ؟؟؟

Hi, I’m trying to update my sync 3.4_21020 to the newest one but it gets stuck while updating?
Any advice to fix it

If this is a NON-NAV unit, remove Gracenotes and run the installation again.

I try removing the file from the USB and now I’m getting a new error code, LST_ERROR05. This is for 2017 ford Fiesta st

Yeah I have no idea what to do… did I broke my radio ?

A good place to start is reading about the procedure you are trying to achieve, instead of doing random stuff. You didn’t break anything yet.

Recreate the USB without gracenotes selected or edit the current install file to remove the reference to it.

If you delete a file that’s being referenced by the installer, what did you think it would happen?
The error you are having is the answer to that question.

Also, from now on, do not double post please: if you want to say or add something, just edit the post, do not send a new one.


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