Sync 3.4 updated without nav - later add nav

What is your SYNC Region? Eu

What is your current SYNC Version? 3.4 21020

Do you have Navigation? yes

Do you have a error message, if so what is it? nothing

Hi all!
My problem is that, i intsall 3.4 21020 version, all is good but i didn’t install maps. Can i install only the maps without downgrade software version? Or can is reinstall 3.4 21020 version on the 3.4 21020 with NAV?
Thank you your answers!

Technically yes, but the autoinstall generation doesn’t work correctly currently, it’s being actively worked on.

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So i need downgrade, and after again upgrade with NAV, right?

i achieve to update my21 focus to 3.4.21020 + F10 maps with this step.
1- update base app + gracenote + dab logo’s
2- download maps and install (force autoinstall method)
3- download voice and install (force autoinstall method)

as now if you try to update all together will get memory error caused by low free space
as i understood old ford lower than 2020 can install with reformat mode all in one step

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If you do not own a MY20/+ model, it’s easier to downgrade and then reformat.
The app will do everything for you, just configure it correctly.


Yes, this is the best way for you to upgrade with your vintage of APIM.

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