SYNC 3.4 USB Issue

2018 Ford Kuga.(Escape)
I have a USB problem.
when i turn the car off and on again,system prompts"Attempting to reconnect to MEDIA DEVICE…Please Wait",This has been prompted since 19200.
When I upgrade to 3.4 (19200), the prompt will jump like this when the car is powered on.

How can I solve this problem?
Thank you.

Not seen this before, would suggest some basic troubleshooting like replacing the usb etc. It may be an issue with 19200 itself.

I don’t personally use usb so can’t help much further

Unplug all USB items and see if you get that error. - if you still do , then it’s not USB
if you do not, plug one in at a time and see what USB it is talking about… change it if you can

On another note:
I have 3.4 19274 with no issues, but then the car came with it… I was able to DL the 1-19 maps and install from the Lincoln site… so far so good.