Sync 3.4 Won't Remember Audio Volumes

Since updating to 3.4 a while back, my system no longer remembers audio volumes. Specifically, if I turn up phone volume or voice volume while on a call, it reverts back to a certain volume immediately after and I have to change it for the next call. Music volume is the only one it seems capable of remembering anymore. I’m pretty sure this coincided with my large jump from 3.2 to 3.4 a while back. I’ve done a reset in the Sync settings…what else could this be?

I have custom amps and a DSP and I’ve disabled the factory EQ and fake engine noise, but turning the EQ back on didn’t fix this.

There is nothing in the Sync update that would have changed the volumes as far as the software is concerned. The volume settings are held in the factory DSP/Amp, not in Sync.

Before you added the amps and DSP, did you have a factory amp or DSP? Was it removed or bypassed?

Factory amp’s still there passing everything through. Center speaker disconnected. Used Forscan to switch to low level signal, disable fake engine noise, and disable factory EQ. I tried turning back on the EQ but that wasn’t enough.

The settings are phone specific. (BT paired device specific.) After you updated to 3.4, did you delete and re-pair your phones? Or use another phone?

It’s Apple CarPlay. I don’t have the issue on rental cars or family vehicles, just my Mustang.

Known Apple issue with Sync 3.4 series.

I appreciate you confirming that. Where have you seen conversation on that? Here at cyanlabs?

Yes here, but on various other sites as well. Search Google for “carplay volume not retained”

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My carplay volume IS retained which I actually find irritating at times, because I’ll increase nav voice volume when I’m listening to loud music, but then later I’ll have the music playing quietly and nav voice will be screaming loud like I had it before, scares me to death LOL