Sync 3 Ambient Lighting option compatibility when option was not provided on MFT?

Hopefully the subject gets the basic point across. I want to say this same discussion has come up in the past elsewhere when it came to modifying the Asbuilt config for MFT but don’t recall the details.

Long story made short on my US C-Max Energi it does have the Ambient Lighting feature with the multiple color selections and whatnot. However stock it does not have the screen in MyFordTouch to adjust it, just physical buttons on the overhead console.

That said, according to the service/wiring information, it does appear that there is a LIN line running from the BCM to the Ambient Lighting module but the operation information seems to indicate this is mainly for entry/exit lighting where the associated doors change to red lighting when open.

Has anyone looked into this or has had any luck getting the touch screen Ambient lighting controls working with similarly configured vehicles? Or is this just not an option at all?