Sync 3 blue screws

Hi, does anyone know why some 2018 Apim’s have blue marks on them? I just got a Sync 3 unit from a junkyard car and for some reason it has markings like it’s been refurbished before. Was this something that could have been done at the factory to a certain batch of Sync 3 APIM’s? Or could this have been done by the dealer at some point as well?

How do some people have the My20 APIM’s? Do the dealers swap the entire APIM out for a shell marked with a 2020 manufacture date or do they replace just the board on the inside?

The marks are usually from a QC from the factory or maybe the junkyards. I have seen them full of marks and with no marks at all.

The service department will only swap the entire module with a Ford supplied service module (APIM). They are not paid to go further with troubleshooting.

Since we didn’t hear back from you in about 10 days, I’m closing this thread.