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Use this generator to create “Cut Down Map Packages” for Syn3Updater for APIM’s without enough space for full packages

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I have a 32 GB sync3 system from Aliexpress (3.4-21020, F10 maps) , I live in Sweden so I used the cut down map package generator to fit EU F11 maps on it (3.4-22110).
The size of the resulting USB Image is 14.4 GB.
I have read the guides regarding sync3 sizing, but I am still not sure it will fit.
Will it fit ?

It should do

Thank you for answering so fast, I will update my sync3 system as soon as possible and give some feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @CyanLabs , thanks for this, I was able to install the cutdown version of F11 EU maps in my MY20 EU APIM, it took around 40 minutes

Hi, Just updated my sync 3.4 to the latest sync 3.4 build to update the ANZ maps. Brilliant! Only a few minor issues.

Will Cyanlabs be offering a cut down map package for the ANZ maps in the future?

If it’s available and not ESN locked yes :slight_smile: but unfortunately ANZ doesn’t have any cut down packages currently and probably never will

Thank you for the quick response.

Would it be possible to fit the EU pack that includes The Netherlands on a non nav unit? I do not know if I have a 8GB or 16GB unit, is there a way to check that?


Run an interrogator log

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Thanks! Seems I have an 8GB APIM so that would not work!

I can’t find Denmark as an option on the Cut Down Map Package Generator page.
Is it there among the other Nordic countries, or isn’t Denmark a possible choice?
Danish voice is in the same group as the other Scandinavian voices.

-BCx EU North UK: DK (Denmark), SE (Sweden), NO (Norway), FI (Finland), IS (Iceland), UK (UK), IE (Ireland), IM (Isle of Man)

Apologies , seems I missed Denmark off the description

EDIT: Updated with “Denmark”

[email protected], Will the latest map pack be provided for China Maps in the future?

Map releases depend on Ford, not Cyanlabs.
About cut down maps no, since it’s already a single package.
And in the future, do not spam the same question all over the place.

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I see. Thank you for your answer

Where can I cut down map package for Middle East?

kindly advic

Syn3Updater already has that implemented, it enables which region you would like. Have you checked it?.

Yes , but my question where to get the code for Middle East?