Sync 3 update keep maps

How can you update sync 3 to latest version and keep the same maps as cannot see the option like the old version. ?

You cant update to SYNC 3.4 and keep maps from pre 3.2 versions of SYNC

How do I do this as cannot see the option?

Amazing how much a missing letter changes things… you CANT!

Oh yea sorry . Totally missed it :nerd_face:

Looks like I’m keeping the version I’ve got on it now .

Is there any particular reason as to why you want to keep old maps?

I want to keep old maps as i have an american apim that i used the old sync 3 updater to download uk maps only and since the option was removed i cannot fit the EU maps on .

You can buy a cut down version of the updated maps in order to fit them onto your unit → Cut Down Navigation Package - CyanLabs

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If you have already used syn3updater you are on 3.2+ therefore your maps will work with updates

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Good point, he never said from which version he wanted to upgrade from… But yeah, it makes sense…

How much easier would it be if users gave us the full version of the facts…

If you used Syn3Updater you may be able to update keeping current outdated maps. You may need to tweak some files, depending on the amount of free storage the APIM has


If only we had a issue form you could use… Oh wait :thinking::man_facepalming:


Hopefully he will use it if he runs into mem errors…

Dont you have any diagnostic dice?? lol

. I had previously updated to 3.4.20196 with u.k. only . I could remove some maps and packages but not 100% sure what to remove.

Oh and yes I’ve noticed the hint of sarcasm. Lol.
Yea I could have given more details and looked a bit more closely but honestly haven’t used the update lately so I didnt know about the changes since the last time I used it .
Point taken .

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