Sync 3 Upgrade takes more time then expected

Hey folks

I actually try to upgrade my Sync 3.3 to 3.4 with the new F9 Maps

Ford Ranger Raptor 2019

The upgrade is running since 2h and 50 min in total. simce nearly 2 hours its running the extract of voice nav package.

Actually it seems a little bit long. Is it normal in this case? This is , second try. At the first try I had an error PKG_ERRO3 for 4U5T-14G422-158086185400.tar.gz

I redownloaded this file and startet the upgrade again (the sync waited and said please insert usb. after insertig the usb it started normally.

Can’t say if it’s stuck because the wallpapers and the clock are still running.

what do you think?



at the right corner it says “version: 306”

You referring tho this?..

I believe that refers to the downloader version.

yes. actually 3h 5min

but I do the manual method because i have no windows pc (mac)

any advise? mayba @CyanLabs?

Please don’t @ me i will reply when i have time, this isn’t my day job.

Should take at most ~60 minutes, clearly something has gone wrong, i would suggest using a different USB one that is well known such as sandisk, kingston etc and try again.

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Probably I found my/the mistake. To configure the files it asks „your version“

I thought it meant to be my ACTUAL Version. But it‘s probably „Which version do you want to install“


Yes the version you want


Thx so much!

Took 48 min

excellent :slight_smile: glad to hear it

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