I am new here and wanted to see if I can get some help. I upgraded to 3.4 20021 and I am getting the USB error. I know that I must upgrade the USB port but I don’t know which one. Can anyone help?

Hi, Welcome,

What car do you have?

What Year?


I have a 19’ Escape.

i believe but am not 100% as do not have a Ford Escape you need


However a '19 plate shouldn’t need a new USB Hub

did you master reset after upgrading? i got the error too, but a master reset after my upgrade and usb works fine. music started right up. i have a 2016 ford escape i’m on 19274 because i saw the 20021 had issues.

I am on 19274 and have the same problem in 2019 F250. I get a USB error and it takes minutes to finally start working. I haven’t tried changing out the USB hub as of yet because I figure its an error in the programming. I also get prompt volume if any apps are open on phone CarPlay . I have done multiple resets and nothing has solved the issue. Friend of mine has a 2020 F250 and on 20021 from Ford and not and issue. I wish there was a way to go back to factory because of all the issues. If someone finds a solution please let me know.

Prompt volume is an issue with Waze not sure if they released an update to fix it yet

Don’t have Waze and the problem still exists.