Sync3 upgrade from v2.2

I’m quite newbie here, just got S-Max 2017 EU with navi. My S3 is old version 2.2. I’d like to upgrade to newest 3.4, so I’ve prepared usb drive using new Sync3 Updater software.
Question is - am I okay with such upgrade? Or do I need to perform intermediate steps like 2.2->3.0->3.4?

Did you use the latest version of the program? There’s been a new one released over the last few days. Using the new program, as long as you enter your configuration properly at the start, the program will determine what needs to be done automatically.

It should reformat, as the file system partition changed on the later systems.

if you created it with the new software it will be good to go, i expect if you look in the log.txt in the usb it will say reformat mode

Yes, I’ve used latest (new) version of Updater.
Thanks a lot :blush: