Sync3 version 1.0 Build 15139 to 3.4.21194

Hi, I’m completely new to this, I replaced my 4" Sync 1 screen today with a Sync 3 head unit and all.

My sync 3 version is 1.0 Build 15139 I have downloaded Version 3.4.21194 on the USB. When I install the USB into my HUB I get about 30 seconds in and get a red screen with the text:

ERROR IN 5U5T-14G3B1-ET1627475308000.TAR.GZ " : PKG_ERRO3

I apologize if this has been posted else where I cannot seem to find it, I’m a noob with this stuff and I’m trying to trouble it myself and I’m coming up short,

Post the log for the USB creation, PKG_ERR03 may be due to corrupted USB or storage issues on the APIM

I will have to post logs in the morning, I was in the process of redownloading as format when i posted this, it finished downloading and i took it out and it took about 27 minutes but it successfully uploaded!! Not sure what i was doing wrong, i think maybe i needed to be in format the whole time.

What do you mean by “in format”?
If it worked, then it’s ok, just remember to perform a master reset.

Oops sorry, I meant reformat. I took it off auto and switch it to reformat instead.

Ah, ok.
But if you saw the red screen error you were already in reformat; so my guess is unreliable USB drive.

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I have the same issue. Please your help got to fix it

If this is a NON-NAV unit, remove Gracenotes and run the installation again.

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Yes, my Ford Escape 2018 is non-nav…your advice was extremely helpful. Thanks much appreciated

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