SYNC3 went generic on me

What is your SYNC Region? USA

What is your current SYNC Version? 3.4

Do you have Navigation? yes

Do you have a error message, if so what is it? no

Please describe in detail your issue below

2019 F150 platinum, recently my display changed into a generic look.
Nav history was gone, phone still connected, sirius had to reconnect.
Voice commands ‘Call Bob’ did not work like before. The update would start and then freeze up.
I took a pic of that. Finally did a USB update today to the most recent version. 3.4? Successful.
Screen still generic, voice commands work better. One thing I have not tried is a master reset.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, haven’t had time for a dealer visit.

Your vehicle is in the process of a NA 2.20 map update, and probably an app and voice update along with it. It takes about 7-8 days for the update to complete over OTA. Do not do a master reset, just let it finish. The file in the pic below is the first of 3 Nav_Voice files.

There are 9 map files, 3 NAV_Voice files, 1 App file, 1 System Voice file, and Gracenotes to download and install, depending on the state of your software. During this time you will see odd behavior from the unit due to the different versions of files being installed. You can just leave it alone and let it finish, eventually, or update it manually. Either way, it will report back to Ford where your versions are when it is done.

The screen is the default Ford MY20 theme. This can be changed thru FORScan if desired.

You can look at the status of the update on the APIM IVSU screen in the test menus.

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