Test Mode Black Screen

I recently upgrade a 2018 F-150 Sync 3 Nav to 3.4 19101. After making sure it worked ok for a day or so i went into test mode to play with some Themes. Well first one I picked Lincoln caused it to go black and not come back. I had to pull the negative battery cable to reset it. Is this common?

Not heard of this but some themes are for different size screens, Lincoln also requires changing some other parameters in the AsBuilt usually so maybe thats why. did you get it to come back?

I did it right as I came home from work this morning it went black I Cussed a whole lot went to bed and read a lot didnt see anyrhing went out this morning and it was still like that so I pulled the negative battery cable for about 20 min and it went back to normal. Ao it’s all good and I will leave it as is haha. Thanks for getting back to me tho and thanks for the work you are putting in!

Hmm strange I’ve changed the theme on my test bed unit before with no issues. Glad you are back up and running though :blush:

I’m to chicken to try again haha.